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Books to the island schools

June 2007


Maldives Aid donates more books to schools across the Maldives.


Maldives Aid has delivered a total of 880 books to 4 schools across the Maldives (see detail below). Each school received approximately 220 books which include 95 short stories in Dhivehi (the local Maldivian language). Maldives Aid also donated waste bins to Rinbudhoo Island School in Dhal Atoll, at their request as they took the initiative to be more eco-friendly.


Detail of the schools:

Alif Alif atoll Mandhoo island
Mandhoo school
no of students: 55
teaches up to grade 6

Dhal atoll Rinbudhoo
Rinbudhoo island school (requested for bins)
no of students: 75
teaches up to grade 10

Haa Dhaal Atoll Hanimadhoo
Hanimadhoo Atoll school
no of students: 367
teaches up to grade 10

Lhaviyani Atoll Hinaavaru
Hinnavaru Atoll school
no of students: 1300
teaches up to A levels



Thundi School in Laamu atoll Gan has a total of 201 children studying between grade 1 and 5. At the moment they don’t have a separate library but uses a cupboard in a store room

to fill the few books they have. There is a building in construction inside the compound for extra classrooms where a library will be included.

Maldives Aid contributed 152 books for the library.



Mukurimagu School in Gan Island has 140 children studying between grade 1 and 5. They have a small library with few books at this school. New classrooms will be built by the government soon. Maldives Aid contributed 153 books for this school.



Maabaidhoo School has 284 children studying between grade 1 and 10. They have a small library inside the school compound. Tsunami has done a lot of damage to the school building and the library.

Maldives Aid contributed 149 books to this school.



BAARAH SCHOOL– Haa Alif atoll


Baarah School has 426 children studying between grade 1 and  9. They started grade 9 this year. Half of a classroom is being  used as a library to store the few books they have.

The number of students is getting higher every year and  consequently the class will be divided into two.They have requested for new classrooms for the last couple of  years, yet their request has not been acknowledged.

The island has a pre-school where they charge the students to  generate an income for the school in order to pay the teachers  ’ salaries. A pre-school teacher earns a salary of MRF 400.00 per  month.

The school is planning to create grade 10 next year.

According to the headmaster of this school, the government budget provides this schoolan average of MRF 88.00 per student whereas the budget given to Iskandhar school in male’ rounds up to MRF 800.00 per student

They desperately need more classrooms for the next year.

Maldives Aid provided 88 books for this school.