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Maldives Aid registered charity number 1108658

Maldives Aid was born of necessity. The simple necessity of Friends of Maldives, to want to help tsunami affected Maldivians in the fastest, most effective way possible. FOM created a charity arm to the organisation – Maldives Aid - to send emergency aid and as a conduit for the generous donations from concerned people throughout the UK.

The Aid collection started in the FOM office and following appeals on local radio the offices overflowed with aid. A kind neighbour opened her doors and stored items for us whilst the aid was continuously transported to Southampton, sorted, checked, packed and then transported, initially on empty flights and then by sea in 40ft containers.

All of the collecting, sorting, packing, organising of the emergency aid work was done by fantastic volunteers who just walked in through the doors, rolled up there sleeve and said to the FOM team how can we help? Some people volunteered for an hour, some a day and some longer; all gave 100% and worked tirelessly as a team with one goal. Their achievement: over 120 of Aid to the Maldives!

FOM gave birth to Maldives Aid and Maldives Aid is proud of its achievements to date. It hopes to move from emergency aid to mid and longer term projects and work with the Maldivians to provide the aid that they need to help rebuild their live.

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