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Maldives Aid funds renovation of Pre-School

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4 JUNE 2007

Maldives Aid funds pre-school tiling project complete in the island of Gan, Laamu Atoll


Another Maldives Aid project has been completed.  The 61 children attending Mathimaradhoo Pre-School are back in school after Maldives Aid funded the installation of a new tiled floor in their school.  The project was requested by the local NGO Hadhunmathee gamu Zuvaanunge Jamiyya from Mathmaradhoo village in the Island of Gan , Laamu Atoll. This project was completed with the help of UK benefactor Nick Ogden and the Gallery Dental Pratice.





27 JANUARY 2006

Maldives Aid contributes to Pre School renovation in Laamu Atoll

Maldives Aid contributed to the renovation of a Pre School of Laamu atoll in the Island of Gan, Mathimaradhoo district. The renovation of the pre school was undertaken in partnership with the Local Youth NGO “Hadhunmathee Gamu Mathimaradhoo Zuvaanunge Jamiyyaa and was completed for the start of the new school year.





Building and roof damages

This Pre School is run by the community of Mathimaradhoo and was opened on the 22nd January last Sunday. 55 pupils have already enrolled for this year and according to the Youth NGO more pupils are to enroll in the next few days. Mathimaradhoo schools are being attended by IDP* children residing in shelters of the factory of the island of Gan.

The building hosting the preschool used to be the old power house of the district. The Tsunami damaged most of the few school equipments as well as the building.

(IDP: Internally Displaced Population)







Pupils playing in the renovated pre-school