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4 August 2006

Maldives Aid is delighted to announce the completion of the desalinisation plant in the island of Filladhoo, Haa Alif Atoll




During the opening ceremony, Maldives Aid coordinator Mariyam Seena formally donated the desalinisation plant to the people of Filladhoo. Ms Natalia Pascual, NGO adviser in the UN IDP office was also present and commented how happy and excited the people looked.




In a moving speech, the atoll chief Mohamed Rasheed thanked Maldives Aid (Formerly Friends of Maldives) "Friends of Maldives should be considered as close friends who are eager to help people in need. And we all should maintain the close friendship with them".



Finally, Mr Adam Mohamed from the Island Committee switched on the desalinisation plant on behalf of the community. Shortly after, the people raced to the fresh water taps and commented on the fine taste of the water.








Fathimath Shaheeda Minivan Radio editor, commented: "The opening was very emotional because after a long time, the people finally have access to fresh water"

The Island of Filladhoo, was affected during the tragic Tsunami in December 2004. It took months of fundraising and hard work between Maldives Aid, the island community of Filladhoo and Static the company providing the desalinisation Plant, to give the people the long awaited fresh water. The community had laid the pipes to 5 water outlets across the island.

Maldives Aid wishes to thank all the generous British donors who have made the project happen.



MA Coordinator formally hands over                       Static Demonstrates how the plant works

Desalinisation Plant to Filladhoo second

sland chief  Hassan Ali



The plant house is completed!




The plant house now being finished, the work on the pump house is about to start.


The plant house is being completed in the island of Filladhoo. The people will soon have fresh taps of water all around the village. Static, the company providing the desalinisation plant will soon train two people from Filladhoo for the maintenance of the plant. Static will also install the plant and the pipelines.

   Builders from the island   community working hard to complete the plant house.






  Front view of the plant house






The first brick of the Maldives Aid desalinisation plant is laid in Filladhoo!

Maldives Aid and the island community of Filladhoo had a ceremony to celebrate the start of the desalinisation plant project. The Island chief and Maldives Aid coordinator laid the first bricks of the building that will hold the plant.   Static, the company providing the desalinisation plant, will install the plant once the plant house has been completed.  A Static technician was present at the ceremony.  The community of Filladhoo attended the ceremony.   It is hoped within two months the  people of Filladhoo will have fresh drinking water.

The island chief gave a moving speech followed by the Maldives Aid coordinator Ms Mariyam Seena who spoke on behalf of all donors and the Maldives Aid volunteers.



Filladhoo Island Chief lays foundation brick followed by Maldives Aid coordinator Mariyam:





Maldives Aid coordinator gives speech:



Following the tsunami it was imperative to ensure Maldivians had continued access to clean water. Damage caused by the disaster contaminated existing wells with sea water leaving people without reliable access to drinking water, in response the community asked Maldives Aid to provide them with a desalination plant. Funding was channelled to the project which was initially constructed by local volunteers, Maldives Aid provide any supervision or consultancy work requested. Static, a Male’ based company, will assume responsibility for the installation of equipment and training of staff. By fundraising to support this project Maldives Aid is helping the local community to revive its economy and ensure future sustainability.

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