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Effects of Tsunami
The effects of the Tsunami
  • A third of the country’s 300,000 population were severely affected.
  • 53 out of 199 inhabited islands suffered severe damage
  • 20 islands were ‘totally’ destroyed
  • 14 islands were completely evacuated

    Source: BBC News Facts and Figures
    5 January 2005

  • 11,500 people have been displaced by the tsunami in the Maldives
  • 1, 875 students have enrolled in new schools on new islands
  • 225 schools have an increased number of students from tsunami affected islands, causing increased strain on resources, teachers and children
  • 200 teachers from Sri Lanka did not return to the Maldives to teach at the start of the new term in January 2005. Currently far fewer teachers are working at the schools.
  • 14% of schools require provisions for displaced students
  • 37% of schools were damaged

    Source: Tsunami: Impact and Recovery. Joint Needs Assessment, World Bank – Asian development bank – UN System